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SPEAK: Speak Professional English And have the Key to the world


 10 Days of Deep Immersion

This is a ten days in-depth immersion programme of dynamic and intensive conversation. Why 10 days? Our immersion philosophy embraces an integrated activity system that enhances communication development.  The course, as a whole, is very well linked with business, cultural, experiential, linguistic, emotional and relational aspects of learning.  It’s dynamic... it’s English at the tip of your tongue.


 Top Communication Tools

Our English Immersion programme uses a top rate internal communication grading system. Our students are very well trained for both international and intercultural communication. We work with the best tools and practices used for studying English and provide an experiential environment where good communication may flow smoothly.  We have a clear goal for each student:  fluent communication.


 Flexible Immersion - Your Way to Learn English

We have a wide experience of immersion courses.   We cater for the uniqueness of each group identified at an initial ‘Needs Analysis’. Our immersion programme is flexible and focuses on the needs of each individual.  We have a distinctive but flexible approach.  “Flexible immersion” Your way, the right way for you to learn English


  Smart Small Business Connection

We have an entrepreneur mind with a vision to give to the micro and small business companies and to the professionals themselves the opportunity to have fluent English communication. By offering a low cost immersion programme we target to bring this niche to share our motto: “SPEAK - Speak Professional English And have the Key to the world”. We are developing a “Speak Network” in order to connect and bring small businesses and professionals together and enable them to have the spoken language as a key for successful business.


 Intelligent Vacation Programme

We target a huge number of people who usually have vacations in January and July. That’s why we have a two week immersion programme, so the student can spend 2 weeks with the family and two weeks linking vacation pleasure with learning.  Such a programme enables our students to invest in themselves and their careers during vacation.


 Interpersonal Relations Analysis

We focus on our students as individuals and their tremendous ability to interact with others.  Effective communication doesn’t happen in a vacuum but in a complex world of the culture and the self. Communication and interpersonal relations are closely linked to each other. Learning to speak another language is in fact an emotional as well as an intellectual experience and contributes to personal development. We provide emotional coaching in order to help the students to develop to their full potential and communicate well.


 Intercultural Trends

The world of different cultures and nationalities are an important part of our English Immersion programme. Groups interact through a very dynamic exchange of life experiences from different countries. Languages and cultures are closely linked, and because of this we provide a range of cross cultural ventures, especially considering that most people will use their spoken language while travelling or working abroad.


 Mobility – Speak as You Go   

It is our strategy to offer the Inter-business immersion programme at various locations in order to meet people’s needs and enable them to get to know other places. We have already held it in Fortaleza, Recife, Foz do Iguaçu, Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, Curitiba, Scotland, England, Wales, Italy. Outdoor activities are strongly encouraged as a strategy to use natural English terms and expressions in our daily life.


 High Specialization for Specific Purposes

There are four strands of spoken conversation according to students’ interests: Speak Professional (Business English Focus); Speak Proficient (Advanced Business English Focus); Speak for Jesus (Christian Work Focus); Speak International (International English Focus and Tourism Segments).


 Two-Level Immersion Environment

Discovery (English Immersion from elementary to intermediate levels of English) and Highway (Inter-business Immersion for upper intermediate and advanced students). 


 Business School Standard

Our Business School Standard is one of our added values.  This Immersion programme also provides a high specialization in business English; especially the Speak Proficient strand with a grading system that covers the main disciplines touched at international Business Schools. The student will receive a certificate of attendance at the INTERBUSINESS Business School.


 MBA Standard

Students can use 12C (180 hours) as credits for our MBA (specialization) courses that are recognised by MEC. There is a demand for professionals who are fluent in English, graduated in Business Administration, and also have a post graduate degree. This is one of our distinctive qualities: we offer this post graduation programme in English and business.


 Master Degree Standard

Students can use 12C (180 hours) also as credits for a stricto sensus Master in English. We will have partnership with universities for this kind of advantage.



InterBusiness- Business Communication

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